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Canadian Cancer Society Thunder Bay

Canadian Cancer Society Thunder Bay

The Cancer Society’s Thunder Bay office is still not open to in-person services but they have converted part of their office into a wig, breast prosthetic and accessories hub servicing ALL of northern Ontario. They are not doing any in-person fittings but are taking request over the phone, through email, or through their online request form.

There are now over 500 wigs for women to choose from. A database has been created of pictures of all of  wigs which can be sent to patients who have made a request for a wig. Currently, they are offering curbside pickup for local clients, clients who visit Thunder Bay, or they can mail a wig/BP package to those who live out of town or who cannot physically get to the office.

Currently, cancer patients can either email: , or fill out the following request form online (this is the best option for the quickest service).
The current timeline to process an order is 5-7 business days.

Online Request Form:

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