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Community Lockdown Drill: Guidelines for Consideration

Community Lockdown Drill: Guidelines for Consideration

A community lockdown drill is the partial or full activation of restrictions within the communities `pandemic plan for a pre-determined period of time. A drill is meant to test the functionality of the restrictions within the pandemic plan, determine any gaps and accustom community members to their roles and responsibilities within a lockdown. It is suggested to start with a few partial drills focusing on one or two specific restrictions within the pandemic plan and build up to a full drill where all restrictions are activated at once.    

  • A Band Council Resolution should be made outlining the when the lockdown drill will take place, for how long and who holds the authorizing power within the community. This BCR should be sent out to appropriate parties such as the PEOC and NAN to inform them of the community lockdown drill.
  • A lockdown drill should last from 24 – 48 hours for full implementation of restrictions to be actualized. Considerations should be taken to ensure adequate supplies are in the community for this duration of time if no additional supplies will be allowed in during the lockdown drill.
  • If the community has road access consideration should be given to whom will staff the roadblock and how they will enforce restrictions as well as their personal safety.
  • Advanced notification should be given to the airport and air carriers, nursing station and police of restrictions being implemented within the drill and the date, time, and duration of this implementation.
  • Any new community restrictions implemented for the drill that would require enforcement, such as curfews, should be outlined in a BCR which should be reviewed and confirmed with the police officers ahead of time to ensure they are capable of providing this enforcement.
  • Depending on the duration of the lockdown drill consideration should be given to allowing travel exceptions for critical services personnel such as medical staff and police.
  • Ensure pre-written messages are ready to notify community members of the lockdown drill, its time and duration as well as what is expected of them.
  • Establish guidelines for the drill and debrief afterwards to determine what gaps exist, as well as what parts of the drill went well and what did not. This should be documented in a written after-action report the specifies changes needed and who is in charge of making these changes.

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