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COVID-19 Infrastructure Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Infrastructure Fact Sheet

Fact sheet provided by Indigenous Services Canada on infrastructure that can be used for COVID-19 testing, isolation or quarantine. Some highlights:
• Communities may consider creating isolation or quarantine centers due to overcrowding challenges with isolation of community members within their homes.
• Funding may be available to support retrofit of existing spaces for isolation.
• Existing spaces such as schools, community centers and arenas can be used as isolation or quarantine space while regular programs are suspended.
• This document provides an overview of factors to consider relating to purpose, safety, spacing, care, cleaning and food
• If communities do not have access to existing spaces, ISC has procured two temporary shelters including a BLU-MED structure and a Matrix.
o BLU-MED: portable, temporary medical structure to provide assessment and testing space outside of the community health clinic
o Matrix: a seven-room extreme weather shelter that can be used for isolation or quarantine for three to six people.

Fact Sheet – COVID19 – Infrastructure

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