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Federal Financial Support for COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Federal Financial Support for COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Fact sheet provided by Indigenous Services Canada on federal financial benefits and support to Ontario First Nations for COVID-19 Response. Some highlights:
• The following is a break down of ISC funding and when it was distributed:
o ISC request based funding ($8M): March 2020.
o The formula based, Indigenous Community Support Fund ($36.7M): April 2020.
o FNIHB request based funding is ongoing, beginning April 2020.
• Core funding allocations that are not being used to deliver regular programming may be used to support COVID-19 response that are consistent with the terms and conditions of the program in question.
• ISC cannot commit to reimbursement of any expenses above current funding allocations, or shortfalls that may be experienced in regular program funding where resources have been redirected to emergency activities.

Fact Sheet – COVID19 – Financial Support

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