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Memo- Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority

Memo- Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority

To: Sioux Lookout Area Chiefs and Health Directors
From: Dr. John Guilfoyle, Public Health Physician, SLFNHA
Date: July 2, 2020
Subject: Positive COVID-19 Case in Pikangikum First Nation

I am writing to provide you with an update on the COVID-19 situation in our region.

We were notified of a positive case of COVID-19 within the community of Pikangikum First Nation. The
individual involved is a construction worker and not a member of the First Nation.

The individual has been contacted and the individual and the person’s construction team have been asked
to leave the community to self-isolate elsewhere.

Public Health has been contacted, and they will begin contact tracing to ensure no further spread has
occurred. The individual was asymptomatic and had minimal interaction with community members. Thus,
the risk of transmission is extremely small. However, investigation by the Preventing Infectious Disease
team is underway to help ensure that all measures are being taken for the safety of the community.

So far, all the cases within our communities have been asymptomatic. The good news is that
asymptomatic individuals (a person with no symptoms) is much less infectious than someone who does
exhibit symptoms and much less likely to infect others.

Please remember, if anyone does have symptoms of COVID-19 they need to call the nursing station to get
assessed and, if appropriate, be tested. If community members feel that they have had an exposure to
someone who is positive, they should call the nursing station to be assessed and tested, if necessary.

Symptoms of COVID-19 are:
• Cough
• Chest pains
• Fever
• Feeling unwell
• Diarrhea
• Rarely, skin rash (for children)

I would like to remind everyone the importance of physical distancing. By maintaining physical distancing from anyone outside your regular interactions the chance of you being infected are minimal. If you are unable to maintain physical distancing, ensure that you and anyone you are interacting with are wearing a mask.

If you have any questions about how to best protect the health of your community, please do not hesitate to contact the following:
Emily Paterson, Director of Approaches to Community Wellbeing (
Dr.Terri Farrell, Medical Director (
Dr. John Guilfoyle, SLFNHA Public Health Physician (
cc. James Morris, Executive Director, SLFNHA
SLFNHA Board of Directors
SLFNHA Chiefs Committee on Health
Community Health Directors and Physicians
Sioux Lookout area Tribal Councils
Nishnawbe Aski Nation


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