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Ontario Native Women Association (ONWA)

Ontario Native Women Association (ONWA)

Update: Beginning in July, ONWA is introducing a new GoBAG called “Fresh Fridays”; because taking care of health during a pandemic is essential and food is medicine. Fresh Fridays will provide healthy, fresh produce to community members across Ontario.  If you are interested in receiving a GoBAG, requests can be made by calling ONWA’s Centralized Intake at 807-623-3442 or Toll Free at 1-800-667-0816 or go to . Please be advised that quantities may be limited. Request will be filled in the order received. ONWA GoBAGS Themes include: Moon Time, Cleaning Kits, Personal Protective Equipment, Traditional Medicines, Family.

For Elders support – call (888) 664-7808

ONWA is proud to offer their virtual drum book, and welcome you to learn these songs together. These beautiful songs and teachings were given to us by our territory.  There may be different versions of these songs and teachings throughout Turtle Island.

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