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Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre COVID-19 Daily Situation Report

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre COVID-19 Daily Situation Report

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

COVID-19 Status as of 10:30 am:

Tests performed yesterday (Assessment Centre and in Hospital) = 77

Tests Performed total (Assessment Centre and in Hospital) = 3424
Presumptive Cases in Hospital = 5
Total Positive Cases in Hospital = 2
Positive Cases in ICU = 0
Patients in COVID-19 Care Unit = 5
Hospital Occupancy = 81.2%Two COVID-19 positive patients were admitted to our hospital over the past 24 hours. Five patients are currently receiving care in the dedicated COVID-19 Care Unit.

Our Hospital’s overall occupancy is over 80%. The increase is a positive sign that community members are seeking and receiving appropriate care, and also reflects our commitment to address priority surgical needs. The surgical unit 3A occupancy is currently over 80% and surgical unit 3B is at 100% occupancy. In order to provide elective surgeries once the Ministry of Health provides approval, the overall Hospital occupancy must be below 90%. Surgical activity is carefully monitored to ensure the availability of appropriate levels of resources, including staffing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medications, in case of an influx of COVID-19 infected patients.

Thank you to all staff and professional staff for wearing masks as per yesterday’s “Mandatory use of masks” memo. Your dedication to the health and safety of those around you is appreciated. Please note that masks should be donned prior to entering the building and doffed after exiting. This practice helps to protect others at Hospital entrances.   

COVID-19 testing is as important as ever. As more businesses and services slowly reopen, the potential for community spread is increased. The testing rate for the Thunder Bay District Health Unit service area remains higher than other areas of the North. It is anticipated that capacity for COVID-19 testing in this area will further increase in the coming weeks due to the expected arrival of required supplies for Biofire testing at our Hospital and additional testing by the Public Health lab.

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Please forward any questions/concerns to your supervisor.


For questions about COVID-19 testing criteria, please contact the TBDHU’s Infectious Disease Program at 807-625-5900 or toll free at 1-888-294-6630.

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TBRHSC Daily Situation Report

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