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Nibinamik First Nation State of Emergency and Band Council Resolution

Nibinamik First Nation State of Emergency and Band Council Resolution


May 13, 2020

A State of Emergency i{hereby dedar d inNibiriarnik FirsfNatJon, Summer Beaver, ON by Chief Sheldon Oskineegish and the Council.

Effective 5:00pm on May 13, 2020, The State of mergency has been declared due tothe ongoing and inevitable impacts of the COVID-19 GlopaLPandernicon Nibinamik FirsfNation and tothe failing Diesel Generating system that is further impeding ah ffective response.

Essential and necessary medical resources suct;t as health care professionals (doctors and nurses), medical supplies, testing kits..ar1dp rsonal protective equipment are inadequate to  mount an appropriate resporiseto the GOVID-19 Global Pandemic.

The ability to mount a response is further impacted bythe.oy rcr6\ivdedhousing, lack of isolation and assessment space, serious threats tofood secL1rity and lack gfr:effable communication infrastructure.

Frequent power out · s being. xperienced ori a dailybasis have wide spreadimpacts, creating serious and unmanageable.levels of risk for community members.

Individuals with existing life threatening medical conditions, requiring trea’tment at home; uch as dialysis, face unacceptable risk and potential consequencesvvithout power.

Wate and sanitizatiot1 ysterns rely on power to operate, without power these  sy;,tems  fail,  exposing homes in the community to potential sewage back ups.and nowater hygiene and cleaning.

Fr quentpoweroutages in the temporary infirmary\,vill prevent medical personnel frorriproviding necessary care to patients as any diagnostic or monitoring equipment will become unreliable along with loss ofheat; lighting, water and sanitization services.

Food security concerns grow exponentially as the perishable food reserves are at risk of spoilage every time the power goes off.

The communication systems in Nibinamik First Nation are inadequate to meet the growing complexity of communication needs resulting from the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. The internet service is through satellite, experiencing frequent outages, it is too slow to be a reliable means to receive global, provincial and federal information, advisories and updates pertinent to the pandemic response as well as to communicate with community members who are under social distancing directives. To compound this,

the service provider has indicated that they are not accepting new customers, leaving some community members completely without service. Cellular service is spotty, with multiple “dead” spots, making dropped calls a normal occurrence. The frequent power outages tax the back up generators, leaving the community at high risk for cell phone outages every time the power goes out.

As Chief and Council of Nibinamik First Nation, we are committed to the safety of all our members and are exercising our authority to take necessary steps to keep our community members safe and healthy.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. We direct all available personnel and resources to th health, well-being and security of Nibinamik First Nation
  2. All community members will practice increase hygiene, cleaning and social distancing measures as directed
  3. Installation of replacementgeoeratorsrtnisfbegirHmniediately to stabilize power and mitigate elevated risk levels posed by f eqHJnt, ongOingpower outages:

The Federal and Provindal Go,vernments rnus,tcgme together to providefunding and emergency management suppprts in thecorrrfn wee s’andrt1ontbs in order topqsition Nibinamik First Nation to respond to the COVID-19 Global ‘Pandemic. The approval processes to access supports to upgrade the diesel generator station, stabilizing power supply, must be prioritized and streamlined.

The Chief and Council ofNibir1amikFirst Nation would welcome an opportunity to meet with Regional Director General to proactivJlyaddress mitigation of risk to community members.

This State of Emergency will remain in effect until the risks defined herein are resolved and it is rescinded by subsequent order.

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