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Thunder Bay Transit

Thunder Bay Transit

Update July 19, 2020: Effective Sunday, July 19: Monday to Saturday, Routes 3M (Memorial), 3C (County Park) and 10 (Northwood) will change to stand alone routes and will no longer interline (be combined) with other routes.  Bus frequencies will be increased on 3M & 3C.  Sunday, Routes 3M, 3C, and 10 will continue to interline.  Bus frequency on 3 M will be increased. Fare payment will be required on all Thunder Bay Transit and Lift buses starting July 20.

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Update June 18, 2020: Riders on Thunder Bay Transit will be required to pay their way once again as of July 20, bringing a four-month period of fare relief to an end.

Revised transit schedule came into effect on Sunday, April 5. Most routes will be reduced to approximately 45-minute service frequency and will operate from 6 am – 11 pm. Use transit for essential travel only. Please follow the new procedures by boarding and exiting from the back. It is important to maintain social distancing while riding the bus and do not approach the driver. Transit fares have been waived. Enhanced cleaning is taking place on all buses. Transit terminal buildings are closed but service remains available from platforms and stops. 

Effective May 5, Route 6 service to Fort William First Nation has resumed for trips departing from Frederica and Brown between 8:48 am and 3:03 pm only. This service follows the new hours of operation/curfew set by Fort William First Nation. 

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