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TBRHSC Memo: Limiting Patient Movement

TBRHSC Memo: Limiting Patient Movement

To:     All Hospital and Health Research Institute staff and professional staff

From:     Dr. Stewart Kennedy, COVID-19 Incident Manager

Date:    April 2, 2020

RE:     Limiting patient movement

The health and safety of all staff, professional staff, patients and the community is our utmost priority. That is why Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has issued restrictions to patient and essential care partner movement within our Hospital.

The following restrictions help prevent the spread of infection and apply to all patients and essential care partners while they are at our Hospital. Any patient who chooses not to comply with the following criteria should be considered for discharge.

Effective immediately and until further notice:

•    Patients are not allowed to leave their unit for non-clinical purposes:
o    This includes visits to the cafeteria, Robin’s Donuts and other common areas in the Hospital;
o    Smoking will not be allowed while admitted. Smoking cessation will be provided to patients as necessary. 
•    No patient-to-patient visiting between floors or on units:
o    Exemptions apply only to a patient who is deemed an Essential Care Partner (ECP) to a palliative or critically ill patient. Exemptions require approval (as per ECP protocol).
•    Patients will only leave their unit for tests/procedures with a designated staff member (e.g. Porter or Nurse).


•    If a patient indicates they are going Against Medical Advice (AMA), follow the normal AMA process;
•    If the patient does not indicate they are going AMA, but leaves the unit:
o    The nurse must contact the Most Responsible Physician (MRP);
o    MRP must review the immediate discharge of patient.

If the patient returns to the Hospital they are to be reassessed in the Emergency Department, and only admitted if medically necessary.

These measures enhance safety of all.

The attached resource may be distributed to patients and their essential care partners.

For more information, please contact your manager.

Please contact TBDHU for more information regarding COVID-19 screening at 1-888-294-6630 or More information is also available at   

All Hospital COVID-19 updates are available on the iNtranet at

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