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RFDA- Food Bank Northwest

RFDA- Food Bank Northwest

Update July 13: Partial Food Bank re-openings at selected locations across Thunder Bay.  The list to receive hampers will be open for individuals starting next week  (July 14 or 16). To register please call 21. Once registered individuals will be assigned and matched with one convenient location.  Hampers will be distributed, once every two weeks.

Update May 14, 2020: The RFDA will be offering hamper pick up at the CLE grounds on Friday May, 15. To register please call 211. You will not need to register with 211 if you have previously registered for City-Wide Safe Food Banks.

The next pick up date for food hampers will be April 17 from 10am-1pm at the following locationsL

532 Edward St. Redwood Park Church

239 Amelia St. The Gathering Place

545 Cumberland St.N Salvation Army

129 Miles St. E Thunder Bay Food bank

To register, please call 211. Delivery is available for the elderly and those with mobility issues.

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