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Roots to Harvest

Roots to Harvest

Update January 13, 2020: Roots to Harvest’s Community Food Market is open Tuesdays 1 – 4 p.m. at Limbrick Unit 97. Fruits and vegetables are available to anyone in Thunder Bay, at cost. They feature local produce from local farms.

Update June 25, 2020: Roots to Harvest is switching to every two weeks in the summer, starting THURSDAY JULY 2 at all the same locations as before.  14 weeks  and over 5500 bags of food reaching over 900 kids each week from over 40 different schools and daycares handed out in 13 different locations with 17 different partners helping! Each bag has about 15 meals so that means over 82,000 meals. But more importantly, it means 82,000 times in the last 14 weeks that families didn’t have to worry about where lunch or breakfast would come from.

UPDATE Community Gardens will move forward amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roots to Harvest has a Facebook page to help coordinate volunteers (e.g. deliveries). Family food packages (300+) are also available everyday (starting next Wednesday, April 1st) to take the place of the school lunches that use to be provided before the closures. They have partnered with all the school boards and Red Cross to ensure that affected families are aware of this service. they are getting most of there funding from the youth inclusion and the red cross breakfast program. So far they will be doing hampers working on breakfast hampers deliveries will be on Tuesdays and Friday 10 locations in the city

In collaboration with Northwester Ontario Women’s Center, Roots to Harvest is dropping off Emergency Good Food Box hampers weekly to families in need. On April 9, will begin to go out to allow individuals time off for Good Friday. Packages will still be available at the Dew Drop Inn and Whitefish School on Friday.

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Roots to Harvest Facebook Page

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