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Update from Grand Chief- March 24, 2020

Update from Grand Chief- March 24, 2020

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In addition to the two recommendations made related to Public Health & Safety on Friday March 20, 2020, specifically related to limiting gatherings of larger than 20 people, and closing borders to the communities to non-essential travelers, I have consulted with the NAN COVID-19 Task Team and am making further recommendations for the health and safety of NAN community members:

  1. That Chief and Council implement physical distancing measures at other community gathering locations including the community store(s), the community centre, arena, etc.; and
  2. In addition to current Ministry of Health self-isolation recommendations, Chief and Council implement additional self-isolation requirements including:
    • Any community member returning to the community after travelling anywhere outside the community should self-isolate for 14 days. If symptoms develop during that time, the individual should call the nursing station to make arrangements for testing; and
    • Any community member that has been in contact with someone with symptoms of a cough/fever/shortness of breath and has traveled outside of the community should self-isolate for 14 days.

We recognize that the serious mental and emotional toll that physical distancing and self-isolation can have at the individual, family, and community level. We recommend that all communities determine the physical and emotional supports required to keep people healthy during this difficult time. For example, a community support team could be established to assist with grocery shopping and help with programming for children and youth who are not in school.

We strongly encourage you to identify these needs on a priority basis to ensure that your community is supported through existing funding that can be used for these efforts, or through new funding requests.

Please continue to stay healthy and safe. Remember, physical distancing does not mean social isolation. Please continue to support each other as we get through this difficult time together.

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