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Memo from Grand Chief- March 18, 2020

Memo from Grand Chief- March 18, 2020

We are providing this update as follow-up to our call at 1:00 pm EST/ 12:00pm CST on Wednesday March 18, 2020.

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Access to funding that flows directly to communities in NAN to support pandemic efforts remains a top priority. NAN continues to advocate that federal and provincial funding information be released immediately and directly to Tribal Councils and communities. Although emergency funding is not contingent on declaring a state of emergency, we support communities and regions who have taken this approach. NAN also recognizes there will be short and long-term impacts of this pandemic. Additional financial assistance and planning will be critical for NAN communities.

Our latest information is that hopefully by 9:30 am EST tomorrow morning there will be a process communicated to access the immediate funding at the community level. It will be supported by ISC Ontario Region. We will provide that information to you as soon as we can, and it will be posted on the NAN website.

We do not have any further information on the funding committed by the Prime Minister Trudeau this morning but will also continue to follow up on that.


Communications Resources & Materials

Information will be continuously updated at

How to Contact the NAN COVID-19 Task Team

Please send all inquires regarding COVID-19 to

This e-mail will be constantly monitored. All inquiries will be directed to the appropriate resources who will respond as quickly as possible.

OFNLP Funding
A letter has been sent to OFNLP to request support to utilize OFNLP funding for pandemic planning.

Infrastructure and Transportation
A call is scheduled with representative’s tomorrow afternoon to discuss issues surrounding operation and maintenance of infrastructure during the pandemic and supports available.

NAN Legal Services

A request has been posed to NAN Legal to discuss coordination of longer-term plans for court cancellation changes.

All court notices involving courts in NAN territory are posted on

Immediate Food Supplies

We are continuing to work with Red Cross and other partners to address the needs of urban community members, and the potential shortage of supplies in our communities. With this limited funding, we acknowledge in this difficult time that we need to support our most vulnerable members both on and off reserve.


Extensive emergency planning is occurring to ensure coverage and that resources can be diverted to front-line policing and response. A group has been assembled to look at how to support the various situations that may arise (i.e. road closures).

Dr. Natalie Bocking, Public Health & Preventative Medicine Specialist

The NAN COVID-19 Task Team continues to identify immediate priorities to advice communities, Tribal Council’s and Health Authorities, including on prevention and preparedness.

If you have any concerns ahead of tomorrow’s call, please provide them to us as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone for your continued efforts during this difficult time.

Next call: Thursday March 19, 2020 (1:00 pm EST/ 12:00 CST)

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